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Welcome to Oralin™
Helping you to Live in Light!
Practical Wisdom, Guidance, Techniques & Resources for your Psychic Development and Spiritual Growth Journey

Ah, you've been guided to find us! That means that the Divine believes we have something to offer you that will improve or change your life in some way. It might be insight, encouragement, inspiration, knowledge, "how to" training, mentoring, energy art, healing in some form ... whatever it is - just know that the door has been opened and trust you'll be led to what is needed.

Enter Contest and WIN!!

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We're celebrating that the basics of the new Oralin site are online and what better way to celebrate than with a fun contest! You can enter daily after 8 am EST from for your chance to win!

WIN 50 Credits and those 50 Credits can be used for any services or products that accept Credits as payments at the time you choose to redeem all of them or any part of them.

Good luck to everyone! Enter Contest Now!

Listen to Wendy Live October 8th!

Listen to Wendy Live October 8th Image

MONDAY, October 8th, 7-9pm EDT on LNMRadioNetwork.com! Studio A, press the 'play' prompter if needed. Also: LateNightInTheMidlands.com Call-To-Listen Line: 701-719-9704 AND on the Paranormal Radio App

PLUS: Re-Broadcast, Tuesday October 9th, 7-9 am EDT on LNMRadioNetwork.com Studio A, press the 'play' prompter if needed or Call-To-Listen line: 701-719-9704 AND Saturday, October 13th from 2-4pm EDT on UPRNTalkRadio.com!

Highlights of Site Changes


In September 2018 we updated our site. Here's a brief intro to the changes on the site for our faithful clients.

Changes to the Store


Watch this brief video to see what has changed in our Store and in the ordering process.

Learn About Credits


Watch this video to learn more about how Credits can be bought and used for various products and services!

Start Developing!


DIY Courses are an affordable way to get the knowledge you need to start on you path of development. These courses cover "the basics" and create a practical foundation for your continued learning. Check out the courses available to help you on your spiritual journey...

Support at your Fingertips


You might be the type that enjoys the personal touch! Get Coaching by Email. Ensure you get the attention you need with the privacy you desire.

Open the Door to Spirit


Are you really serious about your development? If so, "Live" Coaching might be just for you! Wendy guides you through exercises to help you gain insight into your life and gain confidence in using your abilities. Read more about "Live" Coaching by Skype, Zoom or In-Person.

Watch Videos! Read Articles!


Check out our Light Library that over 100 resources covering a variety of spiritual and metaphysical topics. Watch what you need as you need it ... or watch what interests you. Click here to enter the Light Library!

Take a Class or Workshop...


Are you the type that enjoys the more social way of learning in a group with someone sharing what you need to know? The group setting allows you to ask questions and is an interactive experience. See what classes or workshops are available...

View Reading Offers...


Oralin started out helping others using readings and that hasn't stopped. Click here to see reading offers! Don't miss out on our Specials ... sign up on our mail list.

You Were Meant to Find Us!

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? If so, there's a reason you've come to Oralin. There are many benefits and reasons for developing your spiritual gifts and connecting to the Divine. Helping others, gaining wisdom, deepening your faith and helping raise the vibration of the planet are just a few reasons. Read more about why you might have been led here...

More About Wendy...

Wendy Kay is an Author, Coach, and Psychic/Medium dedicated to helping others develop their inner gifts and understand their experiences as they walk this path. She believes in practical knowledge to help you live day-to-day with your gifts and specializes in helping Beginners - those with little or no spiritual knowledge. Read more about Wendy.

Distance Cleansing & Protection...

If you're developing your abilities or are an Empath or Sensitive, it's necessary to limit your exposure to negative energy because it can affect your experiences and how you feel and act. Read more about:
Distance Aura Cleansing & Protection - To remove thoughts and/or energy you've generated or picked up throughout the day.
Distance Home Cleansing & Protection - A must if you've never had it done before. Get rid of all energy in the home and start fresh!
Distance Work Space Cleansing & Protection - Increase productivity and decrease stress by getting rid of energy in your Work Space that doesn't resonate with your own.

Refer A Friend ...
Spread the light! Fill out the form below to tell your friends about our site. We'll send them an email (and include that you were the person who referred them) about our site.
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Welcome to Oralin
Check Out What's New...
The Law of One - Galactic Channelings of Ra
Oct. 9, 2018 - Listen to the channeled information from a higher level benevolent Being of Light/Love Ra. The Video contains bits of his knowledge that explains quite about our reason for Being and the way things work in the spiritual realm. Watch now!
Listen to Wendy Live!
Oct. 5, 2018 - Wendy is interviewed live by Host Chip Reichenthal of Kindness Beyond the Veil on October 8th, 2018. Listen now!
Enter our Contest to WIN!
Oct. 5, 2018 - We're celebrating that the basics of the new Oralin site are online and what better way to celebrate than with a fun contest! You can enter daily after 8 am EST from for your chance to win! Enter Now!
Group Blockage-Be-Gone! Sessions for October
Oct. 1, 2018 - Group Blockage-Be-Gone! sessions scheduled for October 15th, 19th and 23rd. Register now! Clearing blockages allows energy to flow smoothly through the body often resulting in less stress, less pain and an increased sense of well-being. Read More
What Costume Will You Be Wearing for the Next Year?
Oct. 1, 2018 - It's that time of the year again! Halloween is a time for costumes and candy. This reading is all about the costume, but you can certainly read it while munching on some candy! Psychic Medium and Author Wendy connects to Spirit and asks them to show her what costume you'll be wearing for the next year. Read More
What Costume Did You Wear in the Past Year?
Oct. 1, 2018 - Over the last year you have gone through a lot of changes - making decisions, socializing, learning lessons, resolving issues. Wendy asks to be connected to your your Spirit Guides so that they can show you a costume that represents how you dealt with all of your life choices and experiences. Read More
DIY Online Course - How to Receive Info From Objects and Photos
Sept. 28, 2018 - Learn this wonderful reading technique and further develop your spiritual and psychic abilities. Read More
Special - Personalized Horoscopes for 7 Days!
Sept. 10, 2018 - Get 7 days of messages from your Spirit Guide. Read More

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