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End suffering & feeling lost or stuck in life with spiritual tools, techniques & knowledge. 

Understand life from a spiritual perspective and learn to work with your own inner gifts.

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Hi Wendy!

As always, I love your stuff! I listened to the Earthing podcast and loved it! My back yard is very private, and I like to get the "full body " experience by just laying in the grass, so everything you experienced always just felt normal to me. Even just listening to your experience and thinking about laying in the grass brought such a feeling of peace to me, and makes me feel very de-stressed. After doing this for quite awhile, it has become so apparent to me how pronounced feelings of pressure and stress have become, and how much more readily I recognize them and immediately desire to "unload".

The next podcast I want to listen to is the one about inviting the Nature Spirits, and again, just thinking about it brings me such joy!

Thank you for your constant work and joy in bringing a higher vibrational frequency to the world. It's so needed! Please use any or all of this for your website! Love you! Gail - USA (July 2019)

REPLY: You are quite welcome Gail and thank you for your kind words. You are so lucky to be able to connect to nature in that way. I'm just glad there is an alternative for those of us who can't do that! I've had sooooo many more experiences since using the mats and will be doing an episode on it soon. - Wendy

Ah, you've been guided to find us! That means we have something to offer you that will improve or change your life in some way.

Nobody likes to suffer or feel lost in life. Walking a path that feels dark because you just don't know what to do to change things for the better is a horrible feeling. Maybe you just lack a little knowledge that could allow you to spread your wings and soar to new heights.

You have the opportunity to access tools to add light to your life and push out any darkness. All of products and services offered lead to further enlightenment. You might need spiritual counseling for insight. Maybe a bit of encouragement or inspiration would be beneficial to you at this time in your life. A little knowledge or "how to" training/coaching can vastly change your life path.

Just know that the door has been opened and trust you'll be led to what is needed.

Limited Time Specials, New Products/Services...

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Choose a Life-Changing Product...

Blockage Clearing & Balancing Guided Meditations...

Improve your life with these very special Guided Meditations. They aren't your ordinary guided meditations. They're super-charged with energy that removes blockages and then balances your energy.

You can reap the benefits simply by having it playing while you're working, watching television, checking your emails, or surfing the net. And yes, you can even relax, take some time for yourself, follow the guided narrative, and just meditate! Any physical, emotional or life issue can be addressed. These are life-changing.

If you don't want to suffer, you must try one or two narratives. After the charge has run out, just get a newly charged narrative or you can use what you have as a regular guided meditation. Click on any image to learn more about these revolutionary Guided Meditations.

About Blockage Clearing & Balancing Guided Meditations Guided Blockage Clearing and Balancing Meditations FAQ What's Needed in the Moment - Learn More Set Your Own Focus - Learn More You Are Never Alone - Learn More Free From Stress - Learn More

"How to" Courses and Spiritual Knowledge to Help You Live & Understand Life ...

What you learn growing up, your beliefs, your experiences and what's considered normal or acceptable by others can significantly change when you start to view your life from a spiritual perspective. A little knowledge goes a long way! It can help you to see and live your life in a way that makes life more fulfilling, less confusing, less stressful, less confusing and even less scary.

The "How To" Courses ensure you learn to work with your inner gifts or your desire to increase your inner wisdom and intuition so your life is as stress-free as possible. Use your special gifts to your advantage.

Find what YOU need. Enlightenment is not just about spiritual gifts - it's also about using the available knowledge to make better decisions, achieve goals, manifest your dreams and to move forward in life.

Negative Entity Attached to You? Get Rid of it Now! Psychometry - How to Pick Up Information from Objects & Photos Communicate with Spirit - Part I Communicate with Spirit - Part II

Ebooks for Knowledge...

Add to your Library of psychic development and spiritual understanding resources with Wendy's ebooks! All ebooks can be bought at Google Play,,, and

Ebooks for Knowledge - How to Communicate with Those in Spirit Ebooks for Knowledge - How to Raise Your Vibration & Strengthen Your Intuition Ebooks for Knowledge - How to Cleanse & Protect Your Living or Work Space Ebooks for Knowledge - How to Contact Your Soulmate in Spirit Ebooks for Knowledge - How to Receive Information from Objects and Photos

Select a Service that Enhances Your Life...

Private or Group Guided Meditations...

Enhance your Guided Meditations or if you don't feel like doing the Guided Meditations, Wendy offers Focused or Group Energy Blockage Sessions. Focused Sessions are more intense and you do need to be relaxing when they are being done.

Online Group Guided Meditation for Stress Reduction and Understanding Private Guided Meditation or Visualization - Learn More Private Guided Meditation or Visualization - Relax and Rejoice Private Guided Meditation or Visualization - Insight into an Issue or Life Situation

Blockage Be Gone - Energy Blockage Clearing & Balancing...

Enhance your Guided Meditations or if you don't feel like doing the Guided Meditations, Wendy offers Focused or Group Energy Blockage Sessions. Focused Sessions are more intense and you do need to be relaxing when they are being done.

Group Sessions are more gentle as the clearing and balancing energy is shared by those in the Group (up to 5 people). You don't have to sit and relax - you just go about your day as normal. A Group Session is composed of three 1/2 hour sessions over 3 days so you'll receive 1 1/2 of blockage clearing and balancing in total.

The next Group Session takes place on April 18th, 22nd and 26th. Register now.

Learn More about Energy Blockage Clearing & Balancing Learn More about Focused Blockage Clearing & Balancing Sessions Learn more about Group Blockage Clearing & Balancing Sessions

Distance Cleansing & Protection...

Living or working in other people's energy can affect you and your loved ones. If the energy is filled with energy that has been generated by negative thoughts and feelings (hate, anger, depression, grief, etc.) then that's not good. Anyone in that energy can be affected physically and emotionally - it promotes more negative thoughts, feelings and actions.

You can fill your own energy with negative thoughts and feelings that you generate or even worse, you can pick up energy that other's generate and make it your own, which can affect your experiences and how you feel, think and act. Protecting your own energy prevents others from draining you and leaving you feeling tired.

Having energy that's free from negative influences is extremely important to anyone sensitive to energy such as those that suffer from anxiety/stress, autism, PTSD or ADD. If you don't want to do your own cleansing and protection, consider Distance Aura, Home and/or Work Space Cleansing and Protection.

Learn more about Distance Aura Cleansing and Protection Learn more about Distance Home Cleansing and Protection Learn more about Distance Work Space Cleansing and Protection

Spiritual Counseling, Understanding or Support...

This service covers a few different "types" of requests...

1. Questions About Any Life Aspect or Issue (sometimes referred to as a typical reading). Ask about love, career, karma, your aura, finances, your soulmate or next love, your current love, a specific concern ... whatever is on your mind!

2. Questions on Spiritual Development or Experiences. This is normally used by those of you who are either developing your own connection to Spirit or who have abilities and are having experiences that you don't understand. It's also known as Coaching or Mentoring.

3. Sharing for Confirmation or Encouragement.

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